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Battery Issue

Getting too hot when charging, losing charge quickly, taking too long to charge. We fix all Battery issues with 180 day's warranty.

Heating Issue

Struggling to perform basic tasks like opening a new browser window, fan is constantly running, making loud noise and other internal components heating issues.

Charging Issue

Laptop plugged in but not getting charged, damaged charging circuits faulty power adapters, non working power outlets. Rely on us we are here to help.

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About us

Our Journey So Far

We Started Our Journey with a laptop repair shop in the year 2019. Our idea was to serve a large community rather than getting bound to a small area. The very next year govt. imposed lockdown which gave us that motivation to take our business to the next level. We understood the need of the hour and started pick up and drop service during the lockdown and got a tremendous response. Currently having a customer base of 7000+ happy customers across Delhi NCR, We are experiencing average growth of 4% per month & 20% repeat and referred customers. We have a team of highly trained professional technicians who have solutions for your all PC related problems.

Let us master your computer challenge.

Adding Care To YOUR PC'S

Our Repair Process

We repair assembled Pc’s and Laptops in our repair system with a perfect fitting. And to do this process  we have certified technicians and quality parts who help us to complete this process. We want to get your device repaired in new condition so that you can use it for a long time.

Course of Action

At LapyClinic we use proper tools to work safely and prevent damage to the computer equipment. We follow proper steps to disassemble and assemble your device.


Our obsession with customer satisfaction allows us to create ambassadors who trust us and refer us to their family and friends. Transparency is like a fundamental principle in our Code of Ethics.

Data Security

We know how important your data is for you. We maintain the integrity and work without breaching into your data. Apart from this we can help you recover your lost data.

Process We Work On

We have seen in our ongoing repairing process that most of the problems encountered in the device are in this way.

  1. Charging Problem
  2. Hanging  Problem
  3.  Viruses or Malware
  4. Battery dying quickly
  5. Screen/Body damage
  6. Overheating
  7. Bad Keyboard
  8. HDD & RAM Failure
  9. Motherboard
  10. Software & Windows
  11. Adaptor/ Power Issues
  12. Touchpad
  13. Network & Connectivity

Your device is in Safe hands

Doorstep Screen Replacement Service

We provide laptop screen replacement services. In this process we pickup the laptop and repair it at our workshop.

Our Laptop screen replacement cost is way too less then the cost quoted by authorized service centers.

It takes 24 to 72 hours to get the screen replacement done, in maximum cases screen replacement is done on the same day of pickup.

We provide Screen replacement services for all brands like:

  • Apple MacBook Screen Replacement (Air & Pro)
  • Dell Laptop Screen Replacement
  • HP Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Microsoft Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Asus Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Samsung Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Other Laptop Screen Replacement

Doorstep Battery Replacement Service

We provide doorstep laptop battery replacement services. In this process we pickup the laptop and repair it at our workshop.

Our Laptop battery replacement cost is way too less then the cost quoted by authorized service centers.

It takes 20 to 30 minutes to get the battery replacement done, in some cases laptop needs to be picked up for battery replacement.

We provide Battery replacement services for all brands like:

  • Apple MacBook Battery Replacement (Air & Pro)
  • Dell Laptop Battery Replacement
  • HP Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Microsoft Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Asus Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Samsung Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Lenovo Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Other Laptop Battery Replacement

Hardware Issues

We have solutions for all hardware related problems in computers and laptops.

Hardware Problems:

  • Mouse & Keyboard Problems
  • Battery Problems
  • Screen Damage & Defective
  • Damaged Body
  • Laptop Charging Port Problem
  • Laptop Motherboard Problems
  • Ram & HDD Issues
  • Laptop water damage
  • Blank Screen Problem
  • Blue Screen Problem

Software Issues

We have solutions for all software related problems in computers and laptops.

Software Problems:

  • Windows Corrupt (windows update & upgrade)
  • Apps not working
  • Computer Freeze
  • Hanging Issues
  • Software Failures
  • Slow Internet Connectivity
  • Startup Repair
  • Windows Booting Problem
  • Laptop Making Strange Noise
  • Virus Removal (Duplicate Files)

Our Pickup & Delivery Process

Here are some cases where we need to pickup the Laptop to fix it at our workshop:

  • Motherboard Damage/Faulty
  • Water Damage
  • Full Body Replacement
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Other Major Faults

Data Security & Privacy

We care for your Laptop and your Privacy as well. We don't breach into your data neither we share your data with anyone. We don't need your passcode until it becomes a necessity.

We fix your laptop inhouse rather than repairing it via third party laptop repair centers. We fix your laptop with a personal touch to give you the same feel as earlier.