Frequently asked questions about our Laptop/ MacBook repair services

We are the India’s No. 1 expert company in repairing Apple Mac. We fix all types of Apple computers, including Apple MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook Air and imac.

Always! And if you are happy with it we can repair your laptop. You can have your quote by calling us at 9540457965. We can provide a fixed cost for replacement parts and fitting, but where the job requires diagnostic work to determine the nature of the fault we are only able to provide a quotation after an initial free inspection.

It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to fix the screen, but overall it is a one day process, however in case of pickup the TAT varies between 24 hours to 72 hours, totally depending on the workload and the condition of the device. The exact TAT will be conveyed at the time of appointment confirmation.

Our technicians (LapyClinic) have a lot of experience working on different platforms and have handled all sorts of hardware & software issues from time to time. Our experts are Certified who can promise excellent in-home service delivery to you.

Yes indeed! We repair all makes and models of laptop and PC.

First step is to back up your data and then reinstalling your computer operating systems. We undertake both tasks at LapyClinic.

Yes, please let us know the manufacturer of your PC or laptop, and its model number when you call.

Absolutely not, all home visits and deliveries are provided free of charge across Delhi NCR.

Just click on your Laptop from available brands, verify your details and now you are ready to book our doorstep repair services.

Our Customer care number is +91-9540457965.

Screen internal damage includes few things which are mentioned below:-

  • Colorful lines on Display or Patchy Display (appears due to external pressure applied on screen)
  • Screen Blackout (incase our device fell down or due to external pressure applied on the screen)
  • Water Damage.

It depends on the hardware part which need to be replaced, Exact price will be conveyed by the customer care team at the time of appointment.

LapyClinic is the best Laptop repair service provider in Delhi NCR. We are the best Laptop repair shop near me,  we also provide laptop repair service at home apart from this we do have doorstep laptop repair service with Pickup and drop services.

We provide laptop repair services in below mentioned locations:

Laptop repair in Noida

Laptop repair in Greater Noida

Laptop repair in Delhi

Laptop repair in Gurugram

Laptop repair in Faridabad

Laptop repair in Ghaziabad

We at LapyClinic provide services for all brands like:

  • Apple MacBook Screen Replacement
  • Apple MacBook Battery Replacement
  • Dell Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Dell Laptop Battery Replacement
  • HP Laptop Screen Replacement
  • HP Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Microsoft Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Microsoft Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Asus Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Asus Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Samsung Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Samsung Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Lenovo Laptop Battery Replacement