Put this small device next to Wifi, internet will start running in every corner of the house at swashbuckling speed. / WiFi Extender.

Wifi Extender Device: One problem that is seen in big houses is that the WiFi network is not available properly in every corner of the house. In such a situation, while some rooms of the house get good internet speed, in other rooms of the house the internet runs at very slow speed, and in such a situation, users can have a lot of trouble. Even if you use another company’s WiFi, this problem will remain the same, but now you have a solution. Actually a device has come in the market which will give the same internet speed in your entire house. This device is a one time investment and once you buy it you can start using it, it increases the speed of WiFi so much that even if there are 10 rooms in the house, every room will get the same internet speed. If you do not know about it, then today we are going to tell you about this device in detail, along with it will also tell you how much customers can buy it for.
The device we are talking about is called WiFi extender, they have become very common in the market now. They are shaped like a mosquito repellant machine, which you just have to plug in the power socket. Once they are turned on, the speed of WiFi automatically increases and becomes the same in every part of the house. There are many options of WiFi extenders in the market and you can choose your favorite option from their different options according to the size of your house and the number of rooms.

Price of Wifi extender:
If we talk about the price of WiFi extender, then they can be bought for a price ranging from Rs 1500 to Rs 4500, their is not much difference between them, but the bigger the size the more signal they can boost. You can choose a WiFi extender according to the size of your home.

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