How to fix laptop black screen?

In this article we are going to discuss some methods to fix a black screen issue on your laptop and PC. It is recommended to try these steps:-

1. Try restarting your Laptop or Pc if you haven’t already, in many cases some minor issues get fixed with just a simple restart.

2. Attempt to wake the screen by pressing windows key+ctrl+shift+B. You will hear a beep while windows attempt to wake up the screen.

3. Reseating the Memory : If the computer is not displaying an image so their is a chance that the memory module is loose. Turnoff the computer, disconnect the power cord. Remove the body cover to access the Ram. Remove, clean and reinsert the Ram and make sure the memory module is not loose this time.

4. Reset your Computer : If their is no display on your computer then you can try to reset your Computer and reinstall windows.

5. Test the display by connecting an external display : In some cases the currupted graphics driver and issue with LCD backlight causes issues like black screen. You can try connecting an external monitor to the laptop. If this doesn’t work then you can send your laptop for service.

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