How to make a slow computer or laptop work faster?

Hello Friends, Today we are going learn five simple hacks to make our computer work faster. So now let’s get started.

1. Increase the capacity of hard disk and RAM: If the memory of your computer is filled more than 85 percent then its speed will decrease. Therefore, delete the useless data, photos, videos, files or increase the capacity of the hard disk. If you do multitasking, then double the RAM so that whenever you do more than one thing at a time, the speed of the laptop or computer does not decrease.

2. Delete Temporary Files: Temporary data is stored in the computer in the form of Temporary Files or Temp Files which are used to recover data when programs crash. Normally these files are automatically closed when the program is closed. But if this is not the case, then as the number of these files increases, the speed of the computer will decrease. To remove them, go to Windows in the C-drive and select the files in the Temp folder and delete them.

3. Keep the Recycle Bin empty: Whenever you delete a file, delete it permanently. Keep checking the recycling bin from time to time. If there is a file lying there, delete it.

4. Say good bye to useless programs and apps: Over time, many such programs and apps accumulate in our laptops, which are of no use to us. It would be better if you go to Control Panel and go to Programs and Features and uninstall them.

5. Install Antivirus: At least one licensed anti virus like Norton, Quick Heal, KasperSky etc must be installed in the computer. It prevents unwanted programs from entering the laptop and also keeps the data safe. An antivirus service is available at very affordable costs. Make sure to upgrade it once every year.

Stay tuned for more useful tech hacks.

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