Why does my laptop overheats so often?

Overheating is a very common problem in Laptop’s, but if ignored this can cause major hardware failures. Today we will discuss some methods to prevent laptop Overheating.

1. Cleaning the Dust : Dust is the major contributor to overheating, we need to clean the laptop internal parts like vents and fans to ensure smooth air passage. Cleaning the parts using cleaning brush and other tools.

2. Use Cooling Fan : You can use a cooling fan which can be placed under the laptop to allow smooth air flow and keep the laptop cool.

3. Non functional Fan : The dust gets deposited on the internal parts of your device, hence it blocks the air circulation. Might be a case where the fan has become non- functional which makes your Laptop to heat-up and you can experience random shutdowns.

4. Malfunctioned/Old Laptop battery : Most of the times old laptop batteries can make your laptop overheat as faulty laptop battery emits heat. Replacing the laptop battery can help.

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